Digital measuring spoon

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Measure ingredients with precision

Powered with a high-precision electronic scale, this measuring spoon can indicate precise measurements.

Once you start using this Electronic Measuring Spoon, there’s no going back to the ways you’re accustomed to.

It has the capacity to indicate overload, with a max weight measuring up to 500 g.

 It utilizes a high-precision sensor system that gives you accurate measurements displayed on a small LCD screen.

Makes cooking recipes easier and more precise.

This measuring spoon features 4 different units. 

Mode button allows you to switch from one unit of weight to another.

The Hold function, on the other hand, locks or unlocks the displayed weight readout.

This serves as your guide when putting a specific amount of ingredients.

It also comes with a Tare function which serves as the low battery and overload weight indicator. It also functions as a power button.

Powered with a small battery that’s also replaceable. It’s totally reusable and washable.

 Carefully crafted with the finest materials to ensure quality and durability. With proper care, this innovative kitchen device could last for years.


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